How to Pay Equitably and Create a High Performance Culture

In October 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that more workers are quitting their jobs than at any time since 2001. With unemployment under 4 percent, there are ample opportunities for workers to jump ship and find another job that offers more pay or perks.

Other surveys have found that the biggest reasons workers look for new jobs are to earn more money and to find opportunities to advance their careers.

In light of the tight labor market, it’s more critical than ever for HR and business leaders to get pay right and invest in their employees’ learning and development.

Join PayScale’s Compensation Consultant – Mary Lasky and Rachel Ernst, VP of Employee Success at Reflektive to learn:

  • How to ensure that pay in your organization is externally competitive and internally equitable
  • Why it’s better to separate pay conversations from performance conversations
  • How to remove bias from the performance evaluation process
  • How to communicate effectively with employees about their pay
  • Tips to build a feedback culture that drives employee performance and growth

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