How Inclusivity Fuels Employee Engagement

If you want to attract the right fit talent for your team, you have to lead with your values and show potential candidates who you are and what you stand for as an organization.

Does your company have a Diversity and Inclusion Group that meets regularly? What about other Employee Resource Groups, or inclusive company policies?

Today’s top talent want first hand insight into those aspects of your culture and core values when deciding if a company is a good fit for them, so they can actually envision themselves working there every day—and being successful.

Hear Angie Baez, former Diversity & Inclusion Lead at Squarespace, and Shannon Fitzgerald, Director of HR at The Muse, discuss why you need to focus on fostering a culture of inclusivity if you want your employees to feel both empowered and engaged. They’ll dive into:

  • How to write more inclusive job descriptions that make all candidates feel welcome.
  • Resource groups and programs that attract top talent + keep current employees engaged.
  • Tools you can use to help drive and measure employee engagement.
  • And more!

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