HR Roundtable: How to Grow Your Managers at Scale

Gallup has found that our most crucial decision to make as talent leaders is who we recruit, or promote, into manager roles. But here’s the problem – we fail to choose the right candidates 82% of the time.

So how can we set up our managers for success in their roles?

Join Blueboard, Reflektive and a group of HR leaders (from Wheelhouse, LiveRamp, OnDeck, and Prezi) for a roundtable discussion around the impact that positive manager-to-employee relationships can have on your engagement scores.

You will learn:

  • How managers directly influence employee engagement, and in-turn, your retention rates
  • Best-in-class programs and internal initiatives for training, mentoring, and fostering relationships between managers and direct reports
  • Tangible ideas that you can easily build upon or steal with pride

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