11 Favorite Quotes on OKRs from John Doerr’s Measure What Matters

While OKRs have been around for more than a decade, we’ve seen a huge increase in interest from our prospects and customers in the past year. OKRs, or objectives and key results, are staples at companies like Google, Amazon, and many other Fortune 500 Companies, and now many smaller organizations are looking to implement the innovative goal-setting technique.

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Several Reflektors took the time to read John Doerr’s newest book on OKRs this past week and we wanted to share our favorite quotes from the book with you.

Not only does this book prove the necessity of OKRs, it also provides HR leaders with the tools and advice to implement the straightforward goal-setting technique in their organizations.

If you can’t get your hands on a copy, or if you’re just waiting on your Amazon delivery, enjoy our favorite hand-picked quotes from the book here:

1. “Annual performance reviews are costly, exhausting, and mostly futile.”

2. “Business leaders have learned that individuals cannot be reduced to numbers.”

3. “Continuous recognition is a powerful driver of engagement.”

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4. “By clearing the line of sight to everyone’s objectives, OKRs expose redundant efforts and save time and money.”

5. “Transparency seeds collaboration.”

6. “Nothing moves us forward like a deadline.”

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7. “To win in the global marketplace, organizations needs to be more nimble than ever before.”

8. “Objectives and key results are the yin and yang of goal setting.”

9. On startup funding: “Structured goals give backers a yardstick for success.”

10. “OKRs are clear vessels for leaders’ priorities and insights.”

11. “Healthy culture and structured goal setting are interdependent.”

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