See How Your Employee Engagement Stacks Up to Your Peers

Companies that implement continuous feedback report 32 percent higher employee retention¹.

In the past few years, we’ve seen many leading companies including General Electric and Deloitte transition away from the annual review. Some, like Adobe, replaced the review with frequent check-ins — a conversation that helps managers and employees align on priorities, and share constructive feedback that enables employees to grow their skills careers. But making such a shift requires change, and requires leadership buy-in.

Curious what other companies are really doing, and where your company is on the maturity curve? See where you’re at compared to companies that are the same size as yours.

Our interactive survey will help you gain visibility into how your HR programs, like reviews and engagement, contribute to retention or turnover:

  1. Which programs actually affect retention?
  2. How many resources are you really burning on turnover?
  3. Are employees likely to be happy with your review processes?

Take the survey to see where you stand.

¹Data reported by Reflektive customers