Drive Performance in the Flow of Work with Reflektive and Microsoft Teams

As a business leader, you understand the correlation between team collaboration and your bottom line. Widespread organizational collaboration leads to more engaged employees, which results in better attraction of talent, higher retention, increased innovation velocity, and profitability. 

While email usage continues to rise, the increase in adoption of mobile technologies and the proliferation of team messaging apps have dramatically transformed how we communicate and work together. Employees often find themselves interacting and engaging seamlessly across fully integrated platforms, and driving more meaningful, ongoing workplace interactions in the process. In fact, 45% of employees use messaging apps at work on a weekly basis. 

One great way to take advantage of this trend to power performance management initiatives is to invest in tools that integrate seamlessly. Leverage existing communication habits to make sharing feedback, setting goals, and recognizing peers as easy as sending a message.

Without the convenience of integrations, employees would need to work with separate browser tabs, switch across multiple tools — and potentially devices — and spend time logging in on multiple platforms. By removing these unnecessary steps, integrations allow users to spend their time on more productive tasks that add value to their organizations.

Microsoft Teams + Reflektive

Our new Microsoft Teams integration brings together the best of Reflektive and your team’s collaboration hub to boost employee recognition and drive engagement across your organization. The result? Increasing the frequency and amount of feedback shared by up to 3X. 

Microsoft Teams is a unified communications platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. The service integrates with the company’s Office 365 subscription office productivity suite, and features extensions that can integrate with non-Microsoft products.

It takes a village to turn ideas into realities, and it is impossible to do it without timely and constructive feedback, meaningful interactions, and clarity around goals and shared outcomes.  With a workflow designed for those that live in Microsoft Teams, employees are now able to:

  • Share recognition and celebrate all wins, big and small!
  • Give constructive feedback to their peers or managers
  • Add topics to their next 1:1 agenda
  • View team and individual goals 

However, Microsoft Teams is one of the many tools you can use to integrate Reflektive into your team’s daily workflow. Our Outlook integration helps drive a culture of continuous feedback and improvement through an intuitive, dynamic, and streamlined user experience.  

Reflektive + Outlook = More Feedback!

With Reflektive’s Outlook integration, we help you take advantage of the 2.6 hours per day that employees spend in their inbox, and bring your people management initiatives to where your employees work. 

I love the Outlook extension that allows me to view the goals of any employee, add/edit topics for upcoming 1×1 meetings (saving tons of money on post-its) and give them real-time feedback and potentially rewards points right there. 89% of our users have given feedback and 100% have received feedback!” G2Crowd Review 

Get full visibility into company, individual, and team goals, capture feedback right at the source, and conveniently add topics to your upcoming 1:1 meeting. 

This new integration is available to all Reflektive customers. Ready to start working better together? Get a demo today and explore this and other integrations that help bring Reflektive to your team favorite work tools.