When It Comes To Customer Success, We’re On A Mission

It’s not uncommon today for a company to be driven by purpose.

At Reflektive, our mission is to reinvent people management processes — for our own employees and for our customers — with the goal of empowering employees to thrive at work. Achieving this mission begins and ends with the success of the companies that choose to partner with us to achieve their performance management goals – empowered by our Customer Success team.

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We’re here to help Reflektive customers achieve success for their businesses. It’s centered around Reflektive’s core pillars for Customer Success: engaging your people, transforming your culture, making informed decisions that empower your future, and accelerating your growth.

With expertise in employee success and performance management best practices, Reflektive is dedicated to servicing each of our customers’ diverse needs – always focused on enabling you to maximize the value and impact of Reflektive.

Our investment in your success starts from the moment we form a partnership with your team. That’s where our dedicated and driven Customer Success team steps in. From onboarding your team to helping you achieve and sustain long-term results, Reflektive’s Customer Success team delivers an array of invaluable services. Those services include personalized go-live launch planning and support, internal communications planning, product training and HR best-practices advice.

We’re with you every step of the way. To help ensure this journey is as smooth as it is successful, we’ve identified three stages of success.

How It Works – Three Stages of Customer Success

Here’s how it works. Our Customer Success team partners with you throughout the three stages of your success.

Our Customer Success team partners with you throughout the three stages of your success: getting started, adopting and expanding, and transforming and growing.

Stage One: Get Started: The first step is often the most challenging when it comes to new journeys — but our Customer Success team will guide you through this stage to make sure that it is anything but difficult. We’ll start with a well-defined launch plan that’s aligned with your program strategy and goals, and give you everything you need to roll out Reflektive to your employees in a quick, easy, and smart way.  We’ll also provide quality training and learning resources to help you succeed at each stage of your company’s journey with Reflektive.

Stage Two: Adopt & Expand: After you’re live with Reflektive, you’ll continue to benefit from our wealth of experience. Much of this experience has been gleaned and refined through partnerships with hundreds of innovative companies like yours. Drawing on this vast and invaluable experience, we help you utilize proven strategies to drive and sustain employee adoption and results.

Our Customer Success Managers will partner with you to analyze your usage and results, promote best practices and recommend strategies and tactics that will drive adoption and utilization of Reflektive by your employees — helping to ensure that you meet or exceed your program goals.

Our Customer Support team is also here to provide timely and responsive support to ensure that Reflektive is always working reliably for you and your employees.

Stage Three: Transform & Grow: As your use of Reflektive expands and evolves, we can help take your strategy and program to the next level. Our Customer Success Managers conduct Strategic Business Reviews to ensure that Reflektive continues to be aligned with your strategy and priorities, and to identify opportunities to improve your use of Reflektive — all aimed at helping you to transform your company.

Additionally, Reflektive Professional Services and our trusted partners can offer invaluable assistance in the form of strategic consulting and coaching services, as well as enterprise-wide deployments of Reflektive.

Let’s Get Started Today

All of us at Reflektive look forward to getting to know more about you and your business. The more we know and learn about you and your unique needs, the more we can plan and deliver the best solutions for your business.

Reflektive Customer Success will be with you at each stage of your performance management journey.

Through alignment with your vision and goals, planning for a successful rollout, and enabling and supporting you and your team, Reflektive Customer Success will be with you at each stage of your performance management journey. We’ll help you engage your people and drive adoption, to maximize the value of your investment in Reflektive.

Contact us today, or visit our website and request a demo to learn more. We look forward to working with you!